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So we just purchased our very first pop-up camper. We got an amazing deal on a 2014 Viking that was in great shape from a family ready to upgrade for bunk beds. Well, we have been there and done that.

We want simple, easy, and cheap. But guess what…I want to remodel it. Can you believe I want a cute pop-up camper remodel?

I was overwhelmed before we started looking at campers thinking about remodeling or changing things and we hadn’t even purchased yet.

While looking at pop-up remodels for countless hours on end, I have found 9 different renovations that have inspired me and I wanted to share them with you.

Each one has given me an idea with my own remodel. But let me just say, we haven’t officially started on our remodel yet, all I have done is purchase the fabric but you can follow the transformation on Instagram at @frugalcampingfamily.

We are so thrilled to share with everyone and I have some big changes in mind…we will see what the hubs lets me do, lol.

Update: Our remodel is finished…you can see the posts here: Part One & Part Two.

9 Cute Pop-Up Camper Remodel Ideas: For Inspiration - Frugal Camping Family (1)

Here are the 9 pop-up campers that I got inspiration from, I hope they help you!

1. Simple but Cute

The first remodel that I took inspiration from is this one from @lucymoments_ . This pop-up is so simple and so pretty. I love the grey fabric she chose to reupholster the furniture. When picking fabric for my remodel, I chose one very similar for my seats and I picked out a light blue with grey plaid for the backs. I think simplicity is beautiful, especially with the white wood.

2. Perfect for Kiddos

This remodel from @kelseyd_ann is also simple and beautiful. I love how they took out the bed on that side and made a place for two twin-size mattresses to go. This is perfect for families with kids. I also love how she recovered the table and countertops to make them brighter. You could very easily use contact paper for this project and keep it budget-friendly.

3. Black and Green

What grabbed my attention from this remodel by @jbreezee was the black fabric, dark grey tabletop, and green cabinets. I love this combo. All you need is a coat of paint, some fabric, and contact paper to make this happen.

4. Beautiful Wood on White

Wow! That sums up the remodel here from @refreshliving1. I love how light and airy this pop-up camper feels when you look at it. What I grabbed for inspiration here is the light wood she used for the table and countertop. I also like the tribal fabric details and the white curtains. This remodel is adorable. You can tour the remodel here.

5. Blue Cabinets

My inspiration from this pop-up remodel is the blue and cream color combo. I’m still trying to decide what color to paint my cabinets but this one makes me want to go with blue. @missashley_young nailed it with the fabric choices. I love how it all looks against the flooring as well. Awesome job!

6. Chevron Wood Counters

The countertops are what got me with this remodel from @laurenchristopherdesigns. I absolutely love this chevron pattern and I assure you I sent it straight to the hubs and got an eye roll emoji in return lol. But isn’t that just beautiful? I love it paired with the dark paint and wood floors! Her bed spread looks like my duvet cover which also had me at hello.

7. Baskets

@wendyramlakhan has this remodel going on with beautiful light colors as a paint choice. I was initially drawn to the light color curtains but what I took for inspiration is the baskets. If you flip through her pictures, you will see what I’m talking about. Check out my remodel here to see what I used.

8. Green and Cream

Who can’t honestly say they don’t love the green paint color in this pop-up remodel featured on @poppin_up_pretty. This trend is a must follow. It’s so beautiful with the cream colored accents and black and white fabric. That rug also caught my eye!

9. Pop of Yellow

This pop of yellow from @rice_camp is definitely on the top of my list. I didn’t even consider this color until I saw this post. It’s not too much yellow but so beautiful with the choice of blue cabinet paint and the white curtains! I would love this with navy blue too!

The End

I have seen so many cute pop-up camper remodels and have so many ideas that it’s almost mind-boggling! But don’t you just love seeing what other people have done. It’s all possible and can be done very low budget!

One way I decided to save some money on our remodel was to take advantage of after thanksgiving sales at Joann’s to pick out my fabrics. I saved almost 40% and I was able to get some very high-end outdoor fabric that will resist mildew and be easy to clean!

Remodeling your pop-up doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be fun and budget-friendly when you take a little bit of time to plan things out. Stay tuned to see my cushion reupholster project from start to finish!

If tent camping is more your speed, check out our beginner’s guide to tent camping!

If you still aren’t sure if you really want a popup camper, see this post that explains reasons not to get one.


9 Cute Pop-Up Camper Remodel Ideas: For Inspiration - Frugal Camping Family (2024)
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