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His reign of terror is stuff of legends, Dracula would meet his arch nemesis a man named Abraham Van Hellsing. Taking and turning Mina Harker, The young wife of Jonathan Harker a retailer from England. This was in the end Dracula's undoing as Jonathan teamed up with Van Hellsing and finally faced Dracula head on, Van Hellsing defeated the beast but never killed him, It is not known why Dracula joined Abraham and now serves all his descendants.

We next see Alucard in Hellsing: The Dawn; he appears as a young girl (Girlycard) during world war II at Warsaw, Sir Arthur Hellsing, Abraham's descendant now controls the powerful vampire and has sent him along with Walter C. Dornez a young Hellsing operative, to destroy a group of Nazi's named Millennium who are trying to create a group of powerful vampire warriors. During the battle Girlycard is cut in half and the young Walter is left to face most of Millenniums power alone. It is unclear what happened here and has lead to much speculation between fans. What is known for sure is that Alucard was later imprisoned by Arthur believing that Alucard was a drug that could become too easy to use him for everything. Sadly Arthur died in 1989 and left the Hellsing organization in the hands of his twelve year old daughter Integra Fairbrooks Hellsing.

The Evil Uncle

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This of course did not sit well with her uncle Richard Hellsing, who began hunting her round the Hellsing manor in order to kill her. It is unknown why Walter C. Dornez was away at the time of Arthur ’s death, but many believe he had planned what happened next as Richard hunted, Integra. Remembering her father’s words, she went looking for the powerful weapon that would protect her. She found a mummified corpse in a room and felt defeated. Her Uncle had found her, lifting his hand he strikes her and draws blood that lands in front of the corpse, it starts to move as Richard makes a grand speech, in a flash the two guards that had come with Richard were killed by the reborn Dracula now known as Alucard. Richard opened fire to only be strangled by the monstrous vampire. Dropping his gun Richard is dropped to the floor and Integra shoots him. Bowing down Alucard swears his loyalty to the real Hellsing blood line.

The Rise of Seras

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We do not hear from Alucard for a few years until he is sent to to deal with a rouge vampire who is pretending to be a priest. He has taken over the full town and uses them as ghouls and takes out a small police force that was sent into deal with the situation. In the police force a young police woman known as Seras Victoria was in the force and is about to be raped by the vampire (in order to make a vampire they must be a virgins, If you are not a virgin and die you become a ghoul). Alucard appears and is shot down by the army of ghouls. The priest is about to finish what he started when all the ghouls die and Alucard is reforming. The priest grabs Seras and hold her as a hostage, as the priest holds her Alucard ask Seras if she is a virgin, Seras does not answer at first and the priest screams asking what Alucard is doing. Seras whispers yes and Alucard blows a hole in her chest. As she falls, Alucard kills the vampire and catches Seras and drinks from her, turning her into a vampire. Returning to Integra he hands over Seras and Integra ask him why he turned her and he smile replies why not and walks away.

The Entrance of Anderson

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Alucard and Seras Victoria are later sent to Northern Ireland to deal with another rouge vampire as they kill the ghouls Alucard finds it strange that he does not feel the presence of a vampire and that the ghouls are still alive as it is dead, all of a sudden Alexander Anderson appears, at first he stops them from exiting the build with holy seals and stabs Seras in the chest with one of his blessed bayonets. At this point he is faces with Alucard who shoots him in the forehead and Alucard smiles thinking he has won the day. going over to see Seras he tells her not to move as the blades are blessed and will only hurt as he pulls out one of the blades, we discover that is in fact a powerful regenerator and Iscariot's equivalent to Alucard. A fight breaks out between the two that ends with Anderson beheading Alucard and laughing maniacal as he approaches Seras only to be stopped by Sir Integra Hellsing herself. After quickly defeating her two guards he stands face-to-face with the woman he refers to as Babylon and just as he looks like he is about to win, Integra tells him of Alucard and how he had already started to heal, he was like no other vampire Anderson had faced. Upon the discovery of this news, Anderson retreats swearing he will butcher all of them on his return. Alucard returns and call Seras weak as she did not drink his blood when he was gone and starts to refer to her as Police girl.

The First Ghouls

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After the battle with Anderson and Alucard they return to the Hellsing manor only for it to be invaded by the Valentine Brothers, Luke and Jan. The attack all but destroyed Hellsing’s man power, Jan Valentine is closing in on Integra Hellsing, his brother Luke begins to hunt down Alucard. A battle rages between Walter C. Dornez and Jan as Luke shoots Alucard their battle starts, Alucard almost regenerates instantly and the two of them break into a fight with guns blazing. As the battle continues it looks as if Luke has the upper hand, until Alucard laughs it seems as if Alucard has been playing with him as he shoots of Luke’s legs and his arm. Luke screams as Alucard turns into a mass of shadows and starts to eat him. After the battle Alucard meets up with the rest and smiles at Walter saying the the Angel of Death has returned. Referring to when Alucard first nick named him that.

Father Anderson and Alucard would meet once again this time under a flag of peace as Integra called a meeting with Enrico Maxwell to find out who was behind the attack on the Hellsing manor. During the talks Enrico insults Integra and Alucard appears in front of him at the same time Father Anderson appears at Enricos side both dying to fight the other, only to be interrupted by a group of tourist lead by Seras at the museum where the meeting was taking place, as part of a deal she had made with Walter that the museum was not to be destroyed and if the two of them were to fight the museum would have been laid to waste. They discover that the attack was in fact Millenniums doing which they had already discovered from Jan Valentine, But Enrico gives Integra a document that his superiors had ordered he hand over. Integra finds a lead about millennium in and sends Alucard to investigate.

The Millennium

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While in Brazil, Alucard and Seras are set up by Tubalcain Alharmbra a first lieutenant in Millenniums forces, the police raid the hotel where Alucard is staying and Alucard slaughters them all, even going to the length of impaling them on the flag poles outside of the hotel. A fight breaks out as Alucard tells Tubalcain to face him instead of hiding behind the humans, Tubalcain attacks using magic playing cards that cut Alucard and prevent him from healing. In a display of power they run up the side of the building Alucard shooting the cards out the sky as they run. As he gets on the roof the fight climaxes, As Tubalcain gets the upper hand, He is about to throw a killer card when it is shot out the air by Seras from a different building, giving Alucard time to heal and kill Tubalcain in one move. As Tubalcain dies an Alucard drinks his blood and discovers what Tubalcain knows about Millennium and their plans.

The Start of the War

As Alucard returns to London he tells Integra what he has learned, but before they can come up with a plan an warship is taken over by Rip Van Winkle is another first lieutenant of Millennium's. She steals the warship to lure Alucard away from Hellsing and Brittan. She is able to shoot a stealth fighter that Alucard has managed to borrow to get to the ship out of the sky with the musket that she carries. The bullets seem to have a life of their own twisting and turning at her will as she fires. Alucard kills her with ease and then realizes what has happened. Using his abilities Alucard takes over the ship and uses his shadows to make it move without wind or power. the ship moves towards under the power of Alucard's own mind.

The End of Paladin Anderson

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Alucard returns to London on a ship made of shadows destroying the catholic armies in his wake. After that he asks his master Integra to instruct him what to do next and Integra tells him that it is time to release restraint level 0 (releases all his devoured souls to fight by his side; Father Anderson stating it could've been more than a million of souls). Father Anderson realizes it is now the time to finish the vampire and the battle begins, with him fighting through Alucard's summoned minions. When Father Anderson was close enough Alucard pulls out a large black pistol that he had not used before called the Jackal blowing off Anderson left arm, Anderson is surprised when he does not regenerate straight away. Taunting the priest Anderson goes feral and charges head first into Alucard's familiars using one of his most powerful attacks he is still over run and left for dead. Saved by Heinkel Wolfe and her partner Yumie Takagi, Anderson regenerates and once again goes off to face the vampire. This time he confronts Alucard and shows him a weapon given to him by Section III Matthew had given him Helena's Nail. Alucard knows what the nail will do and tells not to become a monster like he is. But Anderson stabs himself in the heart with the weapon and with his new powers almost kills Alucard before Seras stops the attacks just long enough for Alucard to regain his strength and after a display of massive power rips the Nail along with Anderson still beating heart out. As he dies, Anderson speaks a few last words of pity to Alucard and passes away, turning to ash.

The Betrayer of Hellsing

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As passes away the young Walter jumps from his place above landing and crushes the remains of under his foot saying that he had become trash now that he was dead. A fellow Iscariot goes feral at the scene ( Yumie) and attacks Walter with a quick flick of his hand he cuts her in half with one of his wires in a display of his new found vampire powers, Alucard asks what Walter has done to his wonderful aged body and why has he become a freak. We soon discover that Walter had been betraying Hellsing for some time when Alucard pulls the Jackal the weapon that Walter made for him out to kill him it explodes in the his hand. It turns out that The Doctor had a remote detention device that triggered the explosion. Seeing as the weapon never left Alucard’s side since Walter gave it to him it is safe to say Walter planted the explosives himself.

The End of Alucard?

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As the battle rages on it soon looks as if Walter has the upper hand tearing apart Alucard and then impaling him, But it turns out to be an illusion cast by Alucard, who appears behind him in the body of the young girl he had taken during the Warsaw raid and takes Walter by surprise, gaining the upper hand. But it does not last Alucard drinks the blood of the city and seems to have won the day, until Schrodinger a young "catboy" and warrant officer in Millennium, commits suicide and allows his blood to be drunk along with the rest of the city. Walter begs the Major to let him kill Alucard without any help but to no avail, the Major had already won the battle. The Major stated that Schrodinger's suicide was the only thing that could finally kill Alucard as Schrodinger is both everywhere and nowhere; only a list of imaginary numbers. So in the end, Alucard is nothing more than a list of imaginary numbers.

In the end Alucard is happy as he watches Seras and Integra destroy the baron and his army, Walter before he dies ends up killing the Doctor after discovering the truth about how he was made into a vampire. Walter finds the corpse of Mina Harker and laughs as nothing could ever be a real vampire like Alucard as they where all just cheap bootleg copies of the original and nothing more. In the final chapter of Hellsing which occurs 30 years later, a shady figure entered Integra's room unnoticed and tried to bite her neck. Integra, quickly waking up and blasted the figure with a gun. Seras, hearing the commotion, rushed to Integra's room only to be surprised that the shady figure was in fact none other than Alucard. He explained that he was gone and hadn't drank blood for 30 years because he killed all the souls within him leaving except one (possibly Schrodinger's). Integra, said that she would give Alucard blood but noted that she was an old lady now. Alucard didn't mind and Integra cut a small portion of skin on her index finger and Alucard happily drank the blood.


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This is the form Alucard takes during the Warsaw invasion in 1944, Alucard takes the form of a young girl who is nicknamed Girlycard by Walter C. Donez, Walter ask Alucard why he has taken such a form and Alucard simply reply’s, “Forms mean nothing to me.” In this state the girl looks about nine years old and carries a tommy gun. This is probably due to the fact that the pistols had not been made for him yet, Walter is merely 15 years old and just as dangerous as Alucard. During the events of Hellsing: The Dawn, Girlycard is cut in half leaving Walter to face The Captain by himself. Alucard displays amazing powers as the young nine year old and she is later seen again near the end of the hellsing Manga’s. It is still unknown why Alucard took this form. But many suspect the Arthur van Hellsing put limits on Alucards powers and this forced Alucard into a smaller body. This argument is later disproved when Alucard at the height of his power takes this from once again when facing the traitor Walter.


Alucard, being an immortal, has little regard for the lives of those he kills. He often fights with extreme cruelty, and could be labeled as a sociopath for his tendencies to torture his opponents. However, he holds a strict moral that only human beings can kill monsters as shown when he was fighting Father Anderson. He said that he'd gladly die fighting a human but quickly show disgust when Father Anderson pierced his heart with the Helena's nail, transforming him to a monster.

He's also very loyal to his master Integra wherein he hesitantly asks his master what to do next and obeys it without complaining.

Powers and Abilities

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Alucard, like all vampires, requires blood to stay alive. However it is not shown in Hellsing as to wether what would happen if a vampire was not to drink blood. Seras Victoria tried to stay away from blood as much as possible during the first half of the manga and had no adverse effect whatsoever. Also, Alucard survivng 30 years without drinking blood can raise the speculations that Vampires do not require blood to survive but can be only be regarded as a craving. But it is still unclear whether Alucard survived because of his new found power.

Super Strength

Alucard can lift far in excess of 10 tons effortlessly. Upper limit unknown.

Super Speed

Alucard can move at teleportation-like speeds(faster than the speed of bullets).

Superhuman Reflexes

Alucard can catch objects moving at supersonic speeds with ease. He even caught Rip Van winkle's bullet(which traveled at Mach 3.5) and fought father Anderson multiple times to a standstill (both were moving faster than average vampires which usually dodges multiple machine gun fires).

Superhuman Accuracy

Alucard is very proficient in using guns. He has perfect aim and has taught Seras Victoria on how to shoot things more than a mile away without missing. He can also fire multiple bullets that does not miss without even looking.

Super Stamina

Alucard was never shown to tire and could continue fighting as long as he likes.


Alucard does not age and as a vampire, he does not die. Also, he cannot be killed by any means necessary as he would only redirect the death to one of the souls he devoured. Father Anderson even said that the reason as to why Alucard can never be truly killed is because of all the souls he devoured. However, it is only a pseudo-immortality as he can probably be finally killed by destroying all the souls he released in Restraint Level 0 and by killing him.

Alucard also stated himself that he will not get weak to sunlight, he only dislikes it.


Regular bullets, temperature extremes, bombs,etc. cannot harm Alucard to any degree. Despite his level of near invulnerability, Holy weapons can harm.

Healing Factor

Alucard can heal from any injury instantly without scarring including organs or missing limbs (when harmed by those who can match him in strength or holy weapons) If blown to bits he merely turns into a shadow and reforms.

Vision Powers

Alucard, like traditional vampires, possess enhanced sight, such as night vision (Alucard can see clearly in total darkness) and telescopic (can see events happening dozens of miles away as it happens).


Alucard can read the mind and communicate with anyone he so desires.


Alucard can move objects with his mind. The upper limit of this power is unknown.


Alucard can turn invisible to the naked eye any time he so desires.


Alucard is capable of shifting his mass into another dimension, altering his density and thus allowing him to pass through any solid object, or allow solid objects to pass through him. This was shown when Alucard phased through a solid wall during the chapter where Seras Victoria was explaining that she was a vampire to the Wild Geese.


Alucard can turn into any form he chooses-from being able to turn different human beings to animals to even inanimate objects.

Shadow Manipulation

Alucard can turn into a shadowy form, which he can use however he wishes (turning into hellhounds,etc.).

Mind Control

Alucard has the ability to control the minds of any human, or vampire, he chooses (meaning he can control more than one mind simultaneously). The extent of this power is unknown.

Sleep Induction

Can cause someone to sleep by mere thought.


Can send others into a dream-like state (both human and vampire).


Can create false images in the minds of others (both human and vampire). As shown when he cast an illusion on Walter (making Alucard look like Luke Valentine).


Can absorb blood through his clothes or over large distances.

Memory Absorption

Can absorb memories through blood.

Soul Devouring

Owns the soul of whoever he kills.

Control Art: System Restriction Level 0

Alucard calls upon all the souls that he's devoured and summons them on the battle field to do as his bidding. The familiars that he has summoned have been stripped away of free will.


When Alucard drank Schrodinger's blood, he had gained his powers. He can now also be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Combat Experience

Although Alucard prefers uses his vast supernatural powers to crush his opponents, Alucard has mastered all forms of armed and unarmed combat over his past life of 2,000 years.


Alucard (Character) - Comic Vine (11)

The Jackal

A large black pistol made by Walter C. Donez, The weapon is 39 cm long and weighs in at 16 kg. It fires 13 mm amour piercing bullets that have a mercury core and is baptized in holy water and all this is encased in a silver melted down from a cross. and contains a spirit named "Willis" whom Alucard meets in a dream. It can also fire explosive rounds.

Alucard (Character) - Comic Vine (12)

The Casull

This weapon is 29cm in length and carries 8 rounds, its weight is unknown, but it is said to be to heavy for a human. The Casull is Alucard’s first gun and as its name implies it fires explosive .454 Casull rounds that are encased with steel and in the center has silver melted down from a holy cross. It is often used in conjunction with the Jackal for maximum damage. Alucard only possesses of these, due to the fact that it often kills his opponent in the first few shots, much to Alucard's disdain(he prefers causing them a slow and painful death).

Alucard (Character) - Comic Vine (2024)
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