Check Out The Pop Up Truck Campers From Four Wheel Campers (2024)

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Check Out The Pop Up Truck Campers From Four Wheel Campers (1)

Check Out the Pop-Up Truck Campers From Four Wheel Campers

Fifth wheels and travel trailers are fine for many RV adventures. But sometimes you just need to get off-road and into the backcountry. In this case, a pop-up truck camper might be just the thing you need. Any of these lightweight campers by Four Wheel Campers are a great choice.

The pickup truck campers from the California-based company come three designs: slide-in truck camper models, flatbed campers, or truck toppers. They’re built with an all aluminum frame, one-piece aluminum roof with plenty of space for a 150 to 500 watt solar panel system.

All models come in a variety of sizes and mounting formats, so let’s explore their best offerings below.


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Slide-in campers

Let’s explore the first type of pop-up camper style: the slide-in model. As the name suggests, this rig is designed to slide into the truck bed, removing the tailgate in the process. Similar to those made by other manufacturers like Lance Camper, it’s a traditional truck camper inside and out.

All slide-ins include standard features like propane and fresh water tanks, lithium battery power, furnace, interior lighting, and fabric choices. The optional equipment choices are practically endless.

Because these campers are designed to fit various truck bed lengths and payload capacities, customers will need to ensure they are buying a Four Wheel Camper model suited to the size and weight limits of their truck.

Four Wheel Campers currently offers five slide-in camper designs. Each one comes with a degree of customization and different floor plan options. It’s easy to create the perfect living space in a lightweight, off-road capable adventure truck camper.


The Swift is the smallest slide-in option. It is designed to fit mid-size trucks with bed sizes ranging from 5’5” to 5’8”. This camper is designed for trucks with the lowest Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) capacities. This is one of Four Wheel Camper’s most compact models, but it still comes with multiple options like a choice of dinette location and seating style. Many Toyota Tacoma truck owners go with this model.

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This pop up truck camper includes a stove, refrigerator, and built-in sink with a 20-gallon fresh water tank. There are also multiple places to sleep or relax within the layout. You can even choose an optional king-size bed. The pop up ceiling gives plenty of interior space! The overall interior height is 6′ 6″.

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The next biggest slide-in camper is the Fleet. These campers can fit small or midsize trucks with 6’0 to 6’7″ beds. Upgrades include amenities like multiple dinette location choices. The standard floorplan includes all a refrigerator, stove, sink, roll-over couch, and the slide-out cabover bed Four Wheel Campers is known for.

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If you have a bit of extra space in the truck bed, consider a Hawk. It’s designed to fit mid-sized trucks with beds that are 6’0-6’7″ long. This slide-out model comes with 4 optional upgrades/floorplans, but there is also a flatbed camper design that we cover below.

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The Grandby is the largest option by a long shot! This slide-in pop-up truck camper is designed to fit full-size trucks with 8′ beds. With all that extra space, the Grandby offers more comfort and storage. It’s also the only Four Wheel Campers design that sleeps up to four people.

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Flatbed campers

Flatbed campers are another popular design from Four Wheel Campers. All of their models are designed to be installed on aluminum flatbed trays created by Norweld. The advantage to a flatbed model is the basem*nt cargo space. Choose from three different flatbed pop-up truck camper models. Each one is sized for a different length of truck bed.


The Flatbed Fleet is designed to fit full-size trucks with beds that are 6’5″. It offers more space than the slide-in model, and comes with great upgrades like an optional shower, dinette seating, and a cassette toilet. Customers can choose between the standard Flatbed Fleet or the Limited Edition Woolrich model.


The Flatbed Hawk is similar to the Fleet in almost every way. It is designed to fit trucks with a 6′-6’6″ bed, so there is a bit more flexibility with this design. Customers can also choose between the standard design or the Woolrich model.


Once again, the Grandby is the largest option on this list. This flatbed pop up truck camper was made for full-size trucks with 8′ beds. It has the largest floor plan, and customers will love the queen-sized cabover bed. Upgrades and customizations are available, and the extra elbow room is always a nice perk!

Project M Toppers

Finally, we have a pop-up truck camper innovation, the Project M, which seeks to upgrade and customize the traditional truck topper. This topper is installed on the bedrails and creates a sealed space over the bed. It isn’t a traditional truck camper, as the floor of the unit is the truck bed itself. But it’s a blank canvas for you to create whatever kind of camper design you want.

Check out the short video below for more details about how this works and what the finished product looks like.

Like the other models, the roof can be popped up, increasing the interior height. These toppers are made with durable aluminum as the other models, to create an enclosed space to spend the night or store your gear. It’s a very simple design, but it can be adapted in many ways. And no, they don’t have an indoor bathroom but you can customize the inside to include space for an RV cassette toilet.

For more information about these pop up truck camper models (as well as upgrades and customization options) visit

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Check Out The Pop Up Truck Campers From Four Wheel Campers (2024)
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