Van Life Essentials: Complete Packing Checklist (2024)

What do you need for van life? We put together a packing list of must-have essentials and accessories for your camper van build.

After spending over two years living on the road we’ve got a pretty good idea of wants vs needs.

When we first left for our trip we thought we had all the essentials, but there were many things we had to buy within the first week of hitting the road! (like a can opener).

Hopefully this essentials packing list will help you avoid an extra trip to the store so you can spend a lot more time on fun adventures.

The Must-Have Van Life Packing List

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Van Life Kitchen Essentials

Do you plan on spending a lot of time trying out new restaurants? Or cooking in your camper van? Personally, we only had two rules during our road trip:

  1. Visiting a new state only counts if you do one new activity and spend the night
  2. No chain restaurants – eat local!

During our travels, we were on a pretty tight budget, and that means we spent a LOT of time cooking!

The first mistake we made was forgetting to pack a can opener. Fortunately, we did not forget the corkscrew!

When creating your van life kitchen packing list don’t forget about cleanup. Dish soap, paper towels, and trash bags are all just as important as utensils.

If you’re cooking on a fuel-based camping stove, make sure you have a spare set of matches.

And in order to preserve electricity, consider brewing camping coffee using fuel rather than with an induction burner.

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Must-Have Bathroom Accessories

Whether your camper van has a shower or portable toilet, you’re still going to want some gear that conserves water.

Dry shampoo can keep your hair looking nice for days at a time, and wet wipes can be used in place of soap in certain situations.

Don’t forget about any essential medications that you travel with as well.

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Essential Van Life Comfort Accessories

New van life gadgets and gear always make the top of the packing list, but nothing is going to make your van more comfortable than proper bedding.

At a bare minimum, you should have a comfortable mattress, comforter and sheets. If you’re staying in extremely cold temperatures, consider sleeping in a zero-degree sleeping bag and don’t forget to wear a hat and wool socks.

On the other end of the spectrum, summertime bugs and insects are going to make things extremely uncomfortable.

Bug netting is a must-have accessory when camping in the woods.

Additional comfort items include front seats that swivel, and portable camping chairs that you can easily pull out once parked.

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Van Life Gadgets And Gear

Even if you’re not working from the road, you’re still going to want to pack a variety of chargers and other must-have electronics.

Solar generators are a great way to charge your gear on the road even if you don’t have a full solar power set up.

As far as safety is concerned, it’s essential that you plan for a variety of whether patterns and other emergencies.

A first-aid kit is a necessity for everyone as well as a fire extinguisher and CO detector.

Don’t forget to consider your environment as well and plan to bring snow chains or traction boards on your road trip.

Our Favorite Road Trip Planning App

One essential phone app that we’ve used almost every night since we’ve hit the road is The Dyrt Road Trip Planner.

The trip planner helps us map out our route–and more importantly, find free camping sites.

All you have to do is put in your location and you can find FREE campsites nearby which are perfect for boondocking. The app has an offline mode so you can use it without phone service. It’s also a great way to meet other travelers.

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Van Life Outdoor Essentials

Hopefully you’ll be spending a lot more time outside of the van than in it. We regularity pulled out camping chairs and a portable table to hang around at the campsite.

Even if you have a full set of lights in your van, you’re going to want several flashlights for taking some nighttime walks in the forest.

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Must-Have Van Life Clothing Items

One thing I packed WAY too much of before we left was clothing. This was one area that I had to pair down along the way.

Keep in mind you’re going to need to store dirty laundry as well so you should be sure to save space for that in addition to your clean items.

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Packing List For Van Life Pets

Bringing your pet along on the road trip comes with an entirely new set of challenges.

Alongside the essentials like food and water, you should also bring veterinary paperwork, a tick collar, and plenty of poop bags.

You never know when those essentials are going to come in handy!

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Van Life Maintenance Accessories

No matter how careful you are, the camper van is still going to need regular maintenance–especially if you want to save some money in the long run.

One things that has given us a lot of peace of mind on the road is traveling with a portable jump starter. We’ve actually killed our batteries twice by accidentally letting the van idle.

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Don’t Forget to pack these van life essentials!

While not every one of these items is imperative, we wouldn’t want to travel without the following items:


Van Life Essentials: Complete Packing Checklist (2024)
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